The Daily 02/12/16;

December is a great month, first of all Christmas is Coming!!  Remember Toodles you have to be good if you want Santa to leave you a little sumthin sumthin!

Toodles and I are so opposite if no one knows, I am up very early, and of course to  bed early, Toodles on the other hand, does her best work after midnight, clean the house, bake, paint her nails, shampoo the dog, her day really does not start until midnight.  I wonder how her pets manage, they get settled for the night, and then she swoops in with the “Party Time Song”

I have never been able to understand when anyone stays up all night, Toodles let those puppies sleep tonight.

Nightie Night!!
Gloria, I think that is enough about me. I think it is time to talk about you! I know your birthday is in just a few days and I know how excited you get about things like that. I enjoyed your story about how I bake because that never happens. I think you just said that to try and plant a seed, a seed for what you want for your birthday! Sadly though I really am no good in the kitchen. Besides who has time for that kind of thing!
Look what happened today in a Toodles and Gloria text war:
Toodles “Someone just said I was the best!”
Gloria “What?”
Toodles “I’m the best”
Gloria “I know that …best what?”
Toodles “In the world”
Gloria “Oh I thought that was me …I guess I am in the universe then. Too bad for you.”
Toodles “No. I am the best infinity”
Gloria “This is like Batman vs Superman”
Toodles “But if I am Batman and Superman what are you?”
Dear readers, Gloria never answered that. I do hope we can generate some comments on this post on what YOU think Gloria is! -Toodles

2 thoughts on “Batman vs Superman!

  1. How either of you can be Batman or Superman or any other male is beyond this WOman who has the balls to prove she is the best of any genre. In fact just yesterday I acquired bigger ones since my tiny ones are barely discernable from Santa distance. And they bruise so easily
    Now there are reds and golds where once the silver nuggets failed. Strange though how something that looks so big and round on the shelf could look just ordinary on a Christmas tree.

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