The Daily 08/12/16;

Gloria is on the run and she needs help!!  Christmas party and no false 5 coats of mascara ..I am in trouble I can’t blink!!!!!  For heaven sake someone help people are looking at me weird…..weirder then usual…
How will I sleep?  Toodles bring a fireman…bring the whole department..even without blinking I am HOT!!!
Gloria ….


Oh Gloria I saw those dance moves! You were great! I called those firemen for you. Told em you needed one for each lash! Did they come?


17 thoughts on “Firetruck!

  1. Teach them to dance, Gloria. No not the guys, the eyelashes. The tangle I mean tango.

    Where have you two been besides getting into the makeup bins and being hot?

    Ha. It is too cold to be hot. Today this writer-without-a-project wore a Thinsulate hat under a down feather jacket hood, the attendant jacket, underpinnings like Grampa Jones’ leggings but sans the flap, Thinsulate gloves, and that partridge in the Christmas tree. Only to go four minutes walking to apply at the nursing home. Then I went back to bring it in.

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  2. I agree, it is Super cold! Glad the party was on a fairly warmer night, and yes those lids were heavy, no winking going on, all the energy I could do to keep eyes open, but now I am thinking I have the strongest eye lids in town, a new exercise program,
    Keep the warm coat, the heavy mitts and scarf, it is time to “hunker down” till spring
    Don’t worry Toodles and Gloria can handle the cold, from the inside looking out

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      1. What? You can’t handle the what? Whassat? Every time you come here I have to open the wall hole and turn the air conditioner on. In Decembrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  3. Yoo hoo? You who? No. You whom. Is anybuddy out there? Are you out shopping? I’m not. I hate this time of year so my work bench looks even more cuddly and appealing. I had this Christmas tablecloth I forgot was in the trunk. My workbench aka table took one look at it, reared up, and started bucking. The trunk snickered.

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  4. I mean I hate the weather, not the time of year. It should be plus 26 or 28 with verdant vista and chirpy birds and blue sky and everybody whining about how hot it is.

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      1. Your comment made me remember why I am so cold these days. I haven’t been racing at least once a day, maybe two times a week. Me bod is not used to such neglect and insult so it is chilling me out. Oh well this morning we get out with the horses. Oh I guess we take the dog team out this week.


  5. Has anyone seen Toodles? I think she is MIA – and I don’t know what to do, I have phoned the Mall, and her favorite Value Village, they are concerned about her too… help if anyone sees Toodles, let us know ASAP!

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    Where are you? There used to be a comedy cop show called Car 54 Where Are You? Toodles where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu???? Come out come out wherever you arrrrrrreee.
    Hey no fungus gnats seen for a few days over here. The freeze must have killed them off and here you insist it is hot in my castle. That my dear is only my temper.

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      1. I found one at the bottom of my tooth brush holder. I could not even kill it as it was already dead. Serves it right.


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