The Daily 15/12/16;

I am still beside myself and laughing, Toodles happened to skip by my desk today, and dropped this envelope, I was busy at the time to grab her, but I thought OMG what is Toodles leaving me a condom for…. I know I am attractive and certainly there are a lot of “studs” that would like to be dating Gloria, but why would Toodles even presume I needed a condom, what the HEE HAW, when I reached down to hide it, can you believe it – an envelope  with a tea bag, that $%@! Toodles she got me good, not many people can pull one over on Gloria, but kuddos to you Toodles you certainly did, now I am sitting with my red face putting this up for the world to see, and I bet everyone is shocked that I would know what a condom is or was????

Way to Go Toodles … got me good, now get ready, because I say




Hey Gloria, how was that tea?????


I am still waiting for you to bring the game. In fact I have not seen much of you lately? I know, I have been hiding in my desk but I do miss you! Come on over more often. I have all the snacks. Ok I ate the snacks. But if I had some, I would share. Like that bottle of wine we shared the other day. That was fun and we should definitely be drinking buddies more often Gloria.

Yes, yes, I ahve been MIA. I have no excuse. I do enjoy our rantings and musings on here and I will be making more of a priority to post. I missed it! But I have a confession. Paper mache has taken over my life. I think I will post some pictures this weekend of what I have been up to.

I am watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I adore him. On the show they are showing a clip of Donald Trump talking about his own phrase “drain the swamp”. It is surreal to watch him say these words. The skin around this man’s eyes glow in the dark compared to his orange complexion. Drain the swamp, indeed.

Hmmm what else has been happening? I had to wrestle chicken bones from several animals tonight, a poodle and a cat. I said to my kid put the bones outside after you eat. Next thing I knew the wrestle match was on. The poodle has hardly any teeth but I tell you that jaw has an iron grip. The evening ended up with me going through the garbage and seeking out the rest of the bones and taking them outside myself. Party never stops over here. Hopefully I remember to take them out of the mailbox and put them in the trash tomorrow morning or else the mail person will think my house is full of freaks. Did I say think? I meant to say the secret would be out.

I have also learned that when I drink I am terrible at taking photos. Everything was blurry!



2 thoughts on “Wine wine wine wine wine. And Tea Condoms.

  1. That is who left the thick orange hair in the little plastic tray under my poinsettia. Trump! It doesn’t look totally human either, too thick. Howly I am glad he was here when I was not.


  2. Gloria — hope we can get together for Christmas visit Next week I will have shortbread to go with wine too. Get my phone number from our Toodles not that she calls me ever. I have to get a job where you guys work in order to hear from her.


    Remember Maynard G. Krebbs on the Dobie Gillis show? Every time Beatnick Maynard uttered the word “work” he would jump up and yell it again like it terrified him.


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