The Daily 17/12/16;


This year is getting closer to an end. I won’t lie, I am pretty excited about starting a new chapter. My attempt to self motivate this year has fallen flat on its face. I have not gotten anywhere with any of my goals or plans.2017 will be a chance to put these plans somewhere other than my head.

The first stop was of course at the store. Shopping. I purchased some pretty file folders, a new mousepad, and a couple hanging baskets from the thrift store and a big box. These items will enhance my workspace, which these days I am spending so much time in. As well I have been fashioning some shelves from paper mache to try to maximize and organize this area. The toughest decision right now is choosing a color scheme. I think it will be based in metallics. But also a good garden space.

Gloria are you  making any new years resolutions this year? I really think I should strive to enter a time of a low consumer profile. Paris is pretty much off the table. I have too much to attend to in my own backyard, literally. A list of home repair and financial repair. And since I have committed to the paper mache thug life it is conceivably possible this could be actually possible.

It always sounds exciting to make plans and dreams at the start of a new year. But certainly is much harder to implement these lofty ideas and get down to business. A few years ago I entered into a 365 project where every day for a whole year I needed to finish an art project. It was a challenge but I met it. And more recently I went back to school while working and met that challenge. Each step is a year long commitment and while difficult, it is rewarding. I suppose 2017 will be time to make another year commitment to myself.

But first, I must go switch my midnight laundry load and get some more sleep before work tomorrow. I need to be well rested, I have a lot of planning to start tomorrow. -Toodles

ps Gloria, send in a blog post!!


One thought on “Incoming- 2017

  1. Knowing that, “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, / Gang aft agley,” (Robbie Burns) I learned to turn it over to God and leave it there for my right doors to open. Knowing also that it is up to me to move hands and feet I do a sort of assessment exercise/writing prompt on New Years Eves which of course includes the listing of wines I love and those I hate. You know, important stuff. One year I tried Haiku. I hate poetry but I tried it and just like poker I did it well and then never wanted to do it again. Some things are best left to those who must do them.

    To digress and notwithstanding I was in my 20s and not smart why would anyone want to play poker? The only good part of that is my male companion told me I am supposed to let him win so I was forced to remind him that it is my money. No doubt his buddies were not happy to have to fork over to a mere woman.

    Back to the board since I plan loosely and let the Lord do the navigating I am often surprised and amazed. For instance I was privileged to meet our many talented Toodles who in turn spurred my latent interest in drawing. The e-for which I was about to end the contract was rewritten and will be available in print now that the cover is done to my spec. And now I look back and wink at the One who sent me because we did such a great job. I like who I am where before I could not and I see the life I could have had when I was in those 20s had I only listened.

    And. I laid the law down to my finances. Oh well it had to happen eventually.

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