The Daily 23/12/16;

Here all day I thought it was the 22. I’ve lost a day somewhere! Oh well. I guess that is what happens when you suddenly have a stream of days off from working. I love holidays. So does Gloria. She is on vacation so we won’t be hearing from her until she gets back. What a slacker!

Still so much paper mache to do. I guess I really should be posting pictures of what I am doing. Tomorrow in the daylight I will get some shots. I made a couple items for my desk at the office. I still have two more things to make before that little project is done. I am currently making the bracelets still, as well as some wood ones. And a Christmas present or two are also in the works. The thing with paper mache is it takes so long to make things that it feels like you are never done.

While I am making art, I am also watching dear sweet Netflix. I watched Dirk Gently Holistic Detective, and Crazyhead. Both really fun shows. Right now I am watching a movie called “Abandoned” about a crew lost at sea. Another great sea disaster movie I have watched recently was “The Finest Hours“. I’ve recommended this move to some people but so far I don’t think anyone has watched it. It is interesting that people will recommend movies and shows but seldom does anyone take my suggestions and watch any. I try to watch what is suggested to me and always have mixed results. But it is fun to go back to the person who made the recommendation and say hey! I watched it!



2 thoughts on “Holidays and Movies

  1. You had days off and never came to visit??? And I do so take your suggestions. I just don’t watch TV. I don’t have TV. I gave it away one Christmas after my boyfriend complained he had to squint to be able to see it cause it was too small for him to see with both eyes.

    What is Netflix? Is that — ahem — TV you watch on the computer? They have movies? Do they have ghost stories? If they have ghost stories I will watch it. I might watch it. In a couple of years. For now I discovered the library’s new web site and fell in love so hard I ordered 6 books to take out now, four to come in, and four more for my Later shelf.

    Does anyone appreciate the art of reading? Or has the evil Net-fix taken over the people’s intake? Dunno but the way books are selling methinks to take pause on that one — books are winning!

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