The Daily 24/12/16;



Well, here we are, Christmas eve, and like usual, I have not mailed any Christmas cards. I can tell you I have been thinking of these cards all month. Actually, since November. Every year it is the same thing. I think wow! I am going to get these done early this year, get them out, it will be amazing! And yet every year they just never go out.


This year something very cool happened. I was musing to myself a few days ago that even if I am not working in the field I went to school for last year, it was worth going because I met an amazing friend there. Her Christmas card came so early, and I was so impressed. Well, for whatever reason I did not open her card until 7am this morning. It was such a cute card and had kitties and glitter on it. I adore it. Inside she had written that it was worth going to our school because we met. What!! We had the exact same thought! And I had been sitting on her unopened card for almost a month. How funny is that?!?! I love it!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! -Toodles



One thought on “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Love your stroke of synchronicity with the kitty glitter. Amazing the blessings we receive. Make sure you give her a glass of Malbec.

    No not the kitty.

    Merry Christmas Eve, Toodles!

    I just got back from my coffee shop haunt. The police van went ahead of me to make sure the people would be safe when I walked though the first little bit of journey and then I heard a huge clanking and there was a worker. He said Good Morning and when I came back I figured out what work he could be doing — the huge wide path was all cleared of slippery silty snow. Just in time for me to make a return trip half an hour later. No cops though, they must have decided I only look dangerous.

    Cackle. Sometimes that is enough.

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