The Daily 27/12/16;


Gloria come back. I need your guidance and moral support!! Look at the mess I have gotten myself into this time.


So, I have peach fuzz on my face and I do not enjoy it. Generally I am not a hairy person but this bothers me. So while at the drug store looking at boxing day sales yesterday I found the hair removal isle. I have been sporadically using Nair for the face. It stinks and makes my face red. Also, for the next few days after I use it my face is itchy. This can’t be good, right? And when I say sporadic I mean it. I only use it once every three or size months when I get the urge to mess around. The rest of the time I look like bi foot or santa. So I saw this product called “Velvet Touch” and it said no chemicals. I figured hey it’s 7 bucks lets give it a whirl. Oh no no no ladies. This was a silly idea. Number one, I don’t think it did anything. Number two, I decided to not follow the instructions when I saw it wasn’t working. It said use it gently. Well, I am an impatient person. I gave it a fair amount of time and when nothing happened (meaning no hair was being removed) I decided to press harder. Ok, so this stuff appears to be a fine grade sandpaper. And the harder I pressed the more I was sandpapering my face. Bad plan. Bad bad plan. My face is fine, it feels like what I would guess a chemical peel would feel like a day later. Maybe less painful. I’ve never had a chemical peel but I imagine it wouldn’t be nice. I will try this product again since I paid for it, but I am going to give it a few days or weeks or months. Wait until the first layer or two of my skin grows back. Luckily you cannot tell by looking at me I am sans a layer of skin. It is my own fault but I still think this product is not as effective as it claims. It really did not appear to get rid of any hair at all. Disappointing. However perhaps it will make a great exfoliator!



5 thoughts on “Humor in pain

  1. Toodles throw it out before you totally remove one of your layers of skin and leave the rest vulnerable to infection (zits etc). I never noticed anything on your face except smiles, mischief, and intelligence.


  2. Hey Toodles, I guess I cant say anymore that Toodles is sure Thick Skinned!!
    Wait till the glo sets in … I know what you are saying about the hair removal, I dread that time of the month!,
    But when they say keep a Stiff Upper Lip, I don’t think they say it to hold a female stash, known of course as a “fash”
    Hee Haw Gloria

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    1. Hey Gloria come and have a glass of Malbec with me! I just took down the tree-dal-dee-dal-dee. El Kiddo took theirs to storage so I figured I better follow suit and not cause a second day of rearranging stuff to fit another tree.

      Have fun over there.

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