Gloria, you asked about my resolutions for the year. Number one I need to control my budget and number to I need to top my frivolous spending. This spending is almost always on credit cards and you know what? Those have limits. I have reached mine. A fool and their money are soon parted.My apparent life story.

So as a project I am going to reign in this lack of control spending gluttony and get a grip. I found this website, and it had some good advice on making a “bare bones budget”. I have now done this and the challenge will be sticking too it. I’ve read in the past that people should have an emergency fund set up. I don’t have this, but I now have budgeted one in. I will build it and hopefully that will reduce some stress. After I have it I will divert funds to extra credit card debts and use the popular snowball method of paying down debts. You tackle the smallest one first and then move to the next etc. I have big plans for all of this. Although I am not sure how I will be able to get all these tattoos I need. I did not budget for them exactly.

I’ve been reading up on the frugal lifestyle and honestly I use most of the approaches already. It is second nature to me. Obviously, as I talk about it all the time on here, shopping is my main downfall. And I end up with a lot of crap I do not need. I get so many ideas that I put the cart before the horse and endup with dollar store sprees and thrift store sprees. Then I never find the time to do half the ideas I have. So I am taking the opportunity of 2017 to deal with this chaos. Some of the things I read about on frugal idea websites and articles are quite laughable and of no help at all. “Roll up your change” ok who has change these days? Everything is debit and credit. I don’t have change very often. “Have a yard sale” well it is winter so that’s out. Maybe in the spring. “Coupons” ok so I tried this in the past with minimal success. This is usually promoted by USA websites because you can combine coupons fr food and get amazing deals. The only time I really benefited from coupons was when I used to buy baby formula. That was a million years ago. Sorry I don’t have time to save coupons for 0.20 on a can of tuna. “Paid Surveys” tried that and all I got out of it was a headache.

Yeah. I will be working on selling off extra things from my house and art that I make. I think that is where my tattoo money will come from. The yard sale will be a good time to do this. And the internet will help.

Well well well I am sure this has been boring enough for everyone so off I go to make some art. -Toodles


2 thoughts on “Bonus post of the day

  1. Did you mean “stop” your spending? You said top.

    After a couple of decades of low to no income I remembered all the things my grandmother and mother did to save money and applied those. They are likely smiling on their clouds since I wouldn’t listen while they were around to see me follow their nagging but those tricks got me through a lot of near starvation. I mastered the art and now I live like a queen on a pauper’s income.

    One thing I do not do to the chagrin of my friends but that is too bad: I do not go into a store until I know the store I want to go to, I know they have what I want, I go in, grab it, pay for it, and leave the store. I buy only what I went in for and do not look to the left or to the right and then I leave.

    I shop at a little clothing store because I know the items fit properly, are great quality, wear well, don’t change size unless put in dryer which they tell you not to do, and look great. Cheap stores means you have to replace stuff constantly and they do not stand behind their products. I buy my pants and jeans in this store and my sweaters and shirts in secondhand stores. Dollar stores are only for paper products. Walmart is wild with people and enough to make me want to hide for a month. That clothing store by the way is only attended two to four times a year as needed and no more. I go in prepared to buy say three pairs of jeans or one pair of jeans and that is all I do. Out of mall. On the bus. Home. End of story.

    Meals in my house get made using top quality foods — wisely. Yes I buy striploin steak and extra lean ground beef enough for once each a week and no I don’t eat steak with a fork nor put the ground beef in a patty. I extend those. The steak gets cut into strips and fried with mushrooms, red peppers, and garlic and put into a bun on a plate with salad and maybe fried potatoes and sweet onions. The ground beef goes into pasta sauce to make several servings for freezer and friends. Heavy on vegetables, fruit, brown rice, rice pasta noodles, and chicken, good ol chicken three times a week. Risotto is a great dish and takes tomato and leftover meat, fish, or chicken. It is cheap and delicious. I don’t use meat and tomato in that and put cheese instead.

    Zero tolerance for going out for those earth shatteringly expensive caffe lattes and smoothies (yuck on both actually, all sugar and/or ice) and desserts. I eat at home where the food is prepared the way I like it and is already paid for so why go to the restaurant and spend more money? I know my kitchen is clean and I don’t handle money and then food like they do in the cafes a lot of the time. The only thing I use a coffee shop for is to take NoteBook on a little assignment and some hot chocolate with whipping cream.

    No going out to work out — I have a perfectly good house to exercise in and I don’t have to pay for it as the rent is already paid.

    I don’t buy books usually nor do I go to movies. I read library books and if I have to watch something that isn’t a mirror then I do it on the computer.

    Even if I did drive I would use a bus instead. This town is insane with drivers too old to see the road and too young to know how to use it safely. Besides I understand gas is expensive and so is maintenance.

    I make out an Excel sheet (no I dunno how to use it so I pretend it is a Microsoft Document) and enter my income and outgo for three months or so at a time. I switch payments as needed but using only the money allotted so if I borrow $25 to pay something or spend I have to replace that $25 to the place I borrowed it from. You know robbing Peter to pay Paul but in this case it swings right.

    I do not buy crapola. There is a reason for that: it is no good and there goes money wasted. I don’t smoke (can you imagine taking a ten dollar bill and lighting it and watching it burn? Same thing).

    Yes I drink Malbec. I damn well earned it.

    Yes Grandma. Yes Ma. I really was listening and I didn’t even know it.

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    1. Yep, I agree with all of that. I don`t eat out much anyhow but that will be a zero this coming year unless hubby pays. Maybe his bithday we will do something but maybe I will cook something. That would be a bigger surprise since I don`t cook! That will be changing too. I will cook once a week or so and stretch out the meals. I will be mindful of what I am eating as I want to become much more healthy in all regards.

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