The Daily 28/12/16;




So this is Christmas, I know Gloria is late, but I was away traveling, it was so nice to be with family and their friends and the Christmas morning is always a highlight, we try and always do something funny and silly, this is what I got in my stocking, yep a Caramilk Bar, and only because I complained about the new wrapping, next was the Owl Bag, because I am so Wise!!
Sitting by the fire, wanting to sing, but know that I have been banned from that, I did however hum a little, until Someone asked “what is that noise!”  Kids!   ( I covered quickly, said oh there must be a squirrel in the chimney….

Now you wont believe – Christmas Morning there was the choice of  (pitcher of wine)  and I went for the (pitcher of coffee)  yes Gloria has issues… I was glad this Christmas no one went way over board on needless gifts, the dinner conversation was in year 2017 to be aware of those less fortunate, and to be sure to give something to make someones life a little more comfortable, and Toodles, if you want to get together I have 2 Caramilk Bars, I know that would make your life more comfortable for sure!!

I am waiting for Toodles and her 2017 Resolutions, I am still working on my 2014 ones, got to finish one year before you start another

Cheers Everyone, I missed you All!!!  I hope no one was Naughty over Christmas and ended up with Coal, you can see Gloria has been a very GOOD GIRL!!



Overboard on needless gifts? Do we even live on the same planet Gloria??? No such thing as needless presents! You must be sniffing glue again. I should never have left you unsupervised.


Be aware of those less fortunate? In which manner? I am unfortunate but I think likely not in the sense you mean. I am finding it very unfortunate that people think it is ok to be raging asshats. They are angry all the time and its ugly and annoying. I understand getting mad or upset now and then. But I am sick of angry and irritable people. I am also sick of passive aggressive people. Thinking on how to handle these folks I am now looking for a new approach. Confronting angry people seems to result in the agitation to be turned on me. Maybe I will throw eggs at them instead. Or trip them while they are not looking.

On a side note, maybe I should start taking my medication again.




And in all seriousness, it is important to be mindful of people who are truly less fortunate in the sense Gloria talks about, and to do all we can to help others.



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