The Daily 29/12/16;



You know Toodles, you have such a way with words, and you sure use them!  You really are brilliant aren’t you?  You bargain shop, you keep the hair off your face, now you want to save money, and get out of debt, you are 99% perfect Toodles, but it is that 1% you need to work on,… just saying Toodles that 1% is a slippery slope, who knows where you could end up.  I would hate to think about this, I will always be here for you, well maybe not always, but in the high 80%
See you Tomorrow Toodles, stay safe,
A big Hee Haw
Gloria, I am brilliant! Thank you! It is about time I got some recognition. Yes, coming from you I know you are biased. You already know that I know everything. But, I guess it still counts.
And I know what that 1% is. Its the rats I just discovered in my backyard. Ì am horrified. Now I have to catch and kill them before they get in my house! I hear them chewing! This is a disaster of epic proportions. Gloria, you should come over and explain to them plainly it is time to move on.
On a different note, I subscribed to a mailing list for a cosmetic company called `Hey Honey`, not realizing their products cost a bazillion dollars. Once I saw this I hit unsubscribe and the website told me that I was now unsubscribed. This was about three days ago. Today I got another email from them, newsletter, promotion, whatever. Ugh. This is as bad as freecycle. I cannot unsubscribe because I don`t remember my password to log in and kill it. This is disaster number two.
I am going to go make some tea, lets hope I don`t end up with disaster number 3.

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