The Daily 01/01/17;

(Toodles note, I just saw this Gloria post, it was dated Dec 19!! Sorry Gloria, you need to babysit me better!!!)

Christmas Week – can you believe it, and of course I know like Toodles we will be busy baking, wrapping those odd gifts, and getting the house decorated oh so nice.  I love Christmas, it seems mostly everyone;s brain changes, there is more giving, more smiles, more laughter, more caring.  I think this should not be the “more” season, this should be the “normal” all year round.

We need to give everyone a daily gift of ourselves..remember Toodles that…. share some of yourself with everyone you meet!.

Merry Christmas Everyone

A Big Hee Haw from Gloria


Now that I have probably thoroughly annoyed Gloria by this post mix up, I will wish everyone happy new year! Hope you all had a good night. Mine was crap hahaha so I hope to live vicariously through the rest of you. Post what you did tonight in the comments section. Maybe it will be a funny story, or well whatever you would like to share, I would love to read it! I am ending my own night on this post and eating chocolate and drinking lemon water.

2017 will be a big year says I. My unofficial resolutions include becoming healthier via food and (yuck) exercise,  organize my finances, and home, and hmmm… I dunno. Lets see what happens! Well, I already screwed up my budget this month but ah c’est la vie!



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017

  1. Toodles! I see you did add food to your fitness regime, I mean regimen hehe. As for your night being crap that started when you went and told me it is snowing. Grrrr.

    My new year’s eves get recorded in NoteBook where the past three sound the same: extra treats for some reason, fall asleep at table a time or two and almost fall off, couch nap, and early to bed. This year I didn’t write anything much or read either. A weather network question of the day indicated that most of us would have a quiet evening at home.

    My biggest treat was Tuscan chicken which of course has no recipe because I don’t follow one, I just read the ingredients. I see Club House has a limited edition “limited edition Tuscan inspired tomato and herb” spice, meaning North America is too timid for real to sell well, but this one is by my standards a bit bland. It is good though and instead of the fancy vinaigrette I just mixed oil red wine and garlic to dump the peppers and potato wedges into and then poured it all over the chicken leg. Roasted that, well since I had a foil cover over it I guess that means it got braised, not roasted. A couple hours later I had popcorn with Mrs.Dash Herb and Garlic spice and Becel margarine.

    Today, spaghetti. Tomorrow the world.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. If that is the seasoning you let me smell the other day, it sure smells hot! You are just a hot hot lady!! Tonight I had popcorn at the theater watching Mysterious Beasts and Where to Find Them. Great movie by the way!

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      1. Mysterious beasts? Did they portray one of my exes?

        The Extra Spicy that Mrs. Dash quit selling was way hotter and I went through a bottle a month. Loved it on fried potatoes and sweet onions with or without red bell peppers. Anything to make this Italian mad.


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