The Daily 02/01/17;

Oh no! oh no! Oh no! I have spent literally HOURS shopping today! How could I break my budget resolutions so easily!! Oh my goodness! It is no use! You cannot teach an old dog new tricks!!! *pheww pheww pheww* ok I am much calmer now. Ahh. Well tomorrow I am starting over. It is a new day in the new year and I need to just get it in my head sacrifices must be made. I need to get tough on myself and show myself I mean business. Ugh. I can do this, I am not as weak as this am I? Gloria where are you? You have my back on this one, right? I mean, I bough lots of greenery so it had a purpose. Houseplants. Love them. LOVE THEM. And sales. I got sales. It is all good. Right?



4 thoughts on “2017 is already a big flop!

  1. I was going out but it feels like minus 27, it says, so I am staying in. I save lots of money when it gets cold. There is nothing the world can give me to make it spring.


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