The Daily 03/01/17;



Where oh where has our Gloria gone? Where or where could she be?

Well, in the mean time, I have played around with some plants and actually have some photos to show for it. The first picture is a couple airplants I picked up yesterday. I love them.


Below are two pieces of Ginger I grabbed from the grocery store. Two years ago I managed to grow some but I am not sure they got enough sunlight. If I can sprout these I will try another spot to grow them. They remind me of bamboo once they grow.


These three jars of water have sweet potatoes held up with some skewers. I have not tried this before but supposedly they will grow a pretty plant. I hope so.


Lastly, I had some teeny tiny cactus babies and very little cactus soil left. No tiny planters. So I re-purposed a few wine bottle lids. With any luck they will root and grow and grow and grow!


I did some other plant things but didn’t take photos. I am trying to root ore cactus cuttings. My cats attacked my dragon tree so I cut off the damaged part and I am going to try to root that in some soil. A few years back I tried to root them in water after I read somewhere you could but that was a giant fail.

I love plants! -Toodles


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