The Daily 04/01/17;


Toodles all I can say is What the Hee Haw, this is 2017 and you are still Shopping, and I am still Judging, what is wrong with us?  I thought we were both fairly intelligent superficial people, but now I am re-thinking, and it is called

Reality Show!!  You have the clothes for sure, and I would like to decide who would be Mr Handsome, someone we could disagree over, let’s plan on it, we need a name, we need people and we need some major HEE HAW Madness!!!

By the way I saw your box full of required daily manicure, I love it, share where you got it, don’t be selfish.

Day # 5 on the New Year!!  I guess I can take down by 2016 calendar now.


Here’s to the Reality Blunder of 2017



There was no shopping today Gloria! I worked all day then napped. I hope I get over this cold soon, I am super tired all the time. I woke up about 9:30 and thought WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE. I immediately started painting my paper mache cactus and felt better! The first few layers of paint are drying on it in front of the fire place. Gloria you have not weighed in on the paper mache cactus. What do you think? Million dollar industry, right???

Box of daily required manicure? Haha, that was my shipment from Cake. I found a discount code on IPSY for the Cake website and I went to town. Their products smell heavenly and a coworker let me try her hand cream that came in her IPSY shipment. I was in love. So I checked out the website, and found some amazing products on sale, and with the discount code, it was even cheaper. It really made my day when that came in. Oh yes, and before I forget, Cake is a Canadian company and they are cruelty free! They use really great ingredients too! How could a gal say no??

I haven’t received my first IPSY bag yet but the website let me have a sneak peek at what is being sent, and I have to say I am excited for that lil baby to come in the mail as well. If you are interested in getting the discount on Cake products or other offerings from IPSY check out this link. What a cool site.

Yes, about the shopping, I really don’t have much of a choice, it is not a sustainable hobby! It has to stop and learning the hard way seems to be my preferred choice! I planned ahead though 🙂 IPSY bags prepaid as well as Nerdblock prepaid will carry me through this time of terrible hardship! *long suffering sigh* Well, these things plus drawing and paper mache. And plants. And plant propagation. And more plants. It is a system you see.

But Gloria, we need to talk. You said we were superficial people? Whaaaa…? No I said the fly. Neither are you. Where is that coming from? Have you been hitting the Palm Bays hard again? No drunk typing, we discussed this. Ahem. AHEM. If you return the empties I will take the change as a donation to my tattoo fund. Mkay? And lets address this reality tv show. I think you have not thought this idea through. Tell me, who will play me on the TV series? I am really, really, really not photogenic so someone else will have to fill my spot. Can we make it a cross with Survivor?

Oh, time to paint the cactus! -Toodles


2 thoughts on “Reality Shows, Cake, IPSY and even a Painted Cactus! Oh my!

  1. A paper mache cactus? Never saw it, but I was thinking Mama Cactus would be interesting in talking to you, would make birthing a lot easier I am sure!!!


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