The Daily 06/01/17;


After quickly writing a few blog blurbs, I realized kind of how empty words are without action, we all are guilty of that, lets do something in 2017 that we have not done before, not a selfish for me something, but a something that will make a difference, pick up that piece of garbage as we walk down the street, give a smile to someone at the bus stop, or just say Thank You to the clerk in the store, lets make 2017 a day we let everyone know they are Special a Challenge to all every day do one little thing, and not keeping score, but lets see what happens by December 2017.

Toodles, what do you think, well I know what you normally think, but if you weren’t normally thinking, what would be be thinking??
Nothing planned just day be day waiting to do something to make a difference, right back at you Toodles
Gloria, I think that is asking a lot. Asking me to be NICE?? Asking me to MAKE AN EFFORT?? What did you do today to make a difference? I guess I did something. I gave a compliment to a co-worker I do not like. I said they were good at something. Personally I do not like the person, but I went out of my way to say something nice about them to another co-worker. And this person heard me say the nice thing, which was not intentional on my part. I felt like the bigger person for once. Hmmm, did I do anything else nice today? Maybe a few things. None were intentional. Maybe I am just a really nice, generous person and people love me. Maybe not! I ask you this, who needs love for world domination?

2 thoughts on “Why not not be selfish?

  1. OMG Toodles that was me? That you said something nice to??? Well now I can say
    Watch your back!!!
    Nah, not really Toodles, your nice is coming out and you can’t stop it..

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