The Daily 10/01/17;



This week was some great TV with the return of the new Season of Blacklist, finally they are getting back to the origin of the Series, getting rid of the bad guys I love the show and of course you all know that it is RED that attracts me to the Series, the only disappointment  I have is that TOM is going to his own show in February it will be interesting to see how they write him out of Blacklist, in case no one knows, there is a Blacklist Fan Club here and we have weekly snap chats Thursday nights right after the show, feel free to join in with comments, and before our membership gets to the out of control level.
Now Gloria has something a little personal to share, it has been so arctic cold here, and I am not a cold loving person, I now find that going to bed is indeed an ordeal, first the long johns, and sweater, then the pajamas, and warm socks, and last night can you believe it, I wore my mitts to bed, I must be a very attractive site to crawl into bed with,  RED I hope you won’t think less of me, it is winter!!  And sorry Gloria gets a little chilly… the positive thing is if there is a night emergency, I will be the only one dressed and ready to go!!!!
BRRR from a very Chilly Gloria
I just want to say I cannot keep my cats out of the kitchen sink. They go after the dirty dishes see? I need some advice on getting them to use soap and water and clean this stuff for me. The cats would literally  be paying for themselves.
My new favorite show is Letterykenny. I cannot stop watching it! I am learning the lingo boys.
Gloria, nobody would see you in your winter sleeping getup, you are under the blankets, even your head!

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