The Daily 16/01/17;

Good Morning, Well 2017 still continues with Gloria giving advice!  , I want to discuss a topic that hit me right between the eyes today, Loneliness, I happened to be introduced to a great funny lady this morning, and as we started to get to know each other, the tears just kept  coming, this funny, creative, beautiful woman, was just the opposite to what I saw externally, inside, she was just “lonely” she did not feel that she had any friends, no one ever called her, the family never kept in touch or communicated much with her, her only outing was one day a week to have a special coffee and read a book, otherwise her life was recluse, I was so sad, how many other people are like that, we live in a word of a population of almost 8 billion people, and for this person to feel not only unloved, but unwanted was so sad.  How does this happen?  how do families get to the crisis point where they don’t check in, send a text, call, send an email, or drop in to say Hi!  Where are the neighbors, or friends, then reality set in to me, how many people do I know that I don’t keep in touch with, how many people in my inner circle are perhaps suffering from the same feeling of loneliness and despair. or depression.  Not only was I sad, but it made me realize we can all be a solution to this ….depression and loneliness go kind of hand in hand, and  this great lady so funny, so smart, and bright, and she feels unwanted and alone, I think what may be in store for this Gloria!  hey no man is an Island, we all need each other, let’s reach out this week, touch base with someone make sure all is right with them, and let Someone know this week they matter and they can count on us…That is Gloria’s resolution WE ALL MATTER, and I now have this great lady on my speed dial, just to call once in awhile and not a duty call, a call of genuine care and concern.
We all can be a Solution – to get rid of the word Loneliness.
I did suggest she discuss this matter with her medical practitioner  and perhaps  go for counseling, for heaven’s sake, why is it when it come’s to mental issues we are ashamed or embarrassed, we need to get whatever part of our body that is in crisis fixed, even our Head!!

Toodles what do you think?  Can we handle this challenge?

I am up for it, how about YOU?
So Gloria continues her 2017 year of Advice, take what is good advice and follow it, dust off what isn’t with a smile, but for Heaven sake don’t suffer in silence, so many great people and professionals just waiting for a phone call.
Gloria over and out for Now
Remember Head’s Together
How are you meeting these people Gloria? I am glad you did she sounds like a wonderful lady. How lucky she met you! Maybe one day Gloria you and I should meet. Oh.. wait. No. I see you almost every day already. Its quite taxing if I am being honest. Yes, you are such a great person I really do think you should spread yourself about. You are a warm friendly lady and I think your charm could really benefit people. I myself am far to crotchety to play that roll. I could go out and find people for you. Could I mark them with some florescent spray paint? Would that be easy to find? We could make a great tag team. I will keep paper records and lists for you and you can call me up any time and I will reference them for you. I say lets do this!
ps for real though Gloria you have a point. We all encounter periods of loneliness and I think it is a fantastic idea to try to reach out and help others. It just takes one person to make a difference in someone’s life.

One thought on “Reaching out

  1. Those poor folk need a notebook and a few pens. Loneliness can be turned into solitude in a lot of cases. As well we have to keep our spiritual life in order or the loneliness and antsiness just get cranked up til we do.


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