The Daily 20/01/17;


I have a dear friend who is not Gloria. She is one of my favorite people, just like Gloria and Linda. She is so thoughtful and goes out of her way to help people and do sweet things just to see a smile. She has an open generous heart and I have been working pretty hard on a cool project for her. Of course it is paper mache, and I am now in the process of painting it. I was hoping to have it finished a few weeks ago but I just found out the color I painted it was one of her least favorite colors. I have decided to revamp it and then add some embellishments and give it a few coats of sealant. I think it might be ready for Monday. Honestly I will be pleased to give it to her! And no Gloria do not get any ideas, this is not for you. It is for someone you know. And Linda it is not for you either lol, I almost gave you a paper mache cactus for Christmas but it was not ready yet. You and I talked about cacti just after Christmas and you told me your least favorite, the tall southwest looking ones with arms. Hahaha I was relieved that I did not end up giving you that one!!

Long overdue here are a few photos of some paper mache projects. I thought I posted these already but it seems NOT SO!


I have now reached season 7 of The Office. This show slays me. Maybe it is partly because I work in an office and I get a lot of the humor. But really it is a clever show. I will admit that it took a bit for the Micheal Scott character to stop making me cringe; had to grow on me. New favorite scene is first episode of season 7. The Lip Dub scene, Dwight is magical.




4 thoughts on “Paper Mache and The Office

  1. Toodles! I just saw this on this Feb. 23! I wasn’t getting notified of your posts! We gotta fix that. Yes I am going with my friend tomorrow to replace the peace plants and pothos that I sort of evicted. Sigh.


      1. Peace all right. First they were so root bound they couldn’t breathe, then they kept telling me they are dying of thirst. Yeah like an alcoholic. The pothos was covered with mould (just the soil was) from all the steam I was using to get rid of my winter sinus. You know, you put a tiny plant in a wash tub (your great grandma used one of those) and it will fill with roots. The plant may get a leaf or two but that tub will be bursting at its aluminum seams.

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  2. The new plants are happy, they are placed, not planted, in the urns and the new pothos will get watered only once a week, less than it needs. It is easier to pour than to dehydrate. Again like an alcohol abuser.


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