The Daily 22/01/17;

Good Morning, I think I have to quit saying that, because by the time you read this it could be Good Afternoon, or Good Night, but whenever it is you can be sure it is “Good!”

An interesting week with the USA President, and of course all of the protests and rally’s.  That is one thing about Canada and the USA, we have the right to voice an opinion, much like this blog, Gloria can voice her opinion, and of course usually Toodles is the brunt of that, not because she needs my opinion, but for no other  reason then she is there.

We need to be very careful when we give advice, and of course when we take advice, everyone wants to give it, but we have to make sure before we take it that the advice is to our benefit, and not just someone flapping their lips!

Advice a 2 edged sword, can be good or bad!.

Just ask Toodles!




Thank you Gloria, for that super flattering description of me! Hahaha, I am glad to be there though 🙂 And yes advice can be tricky, I agree. I noticed that many people give it but it seems not a lot of though is behind it. The same could be said simply for expressing yourself to other people. I happened to mention to someone that I kept forgetting my vitamins, and now every day she brings it up about six billion times. She has decided its her mission to remind me. Oh man, this is gonna be a long haul. Super!



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