The Daily 07/02/17;

In case my fans have not noticed Gloria has taken a very long Mental Health Day.  I honestly think every company should give their employees at least one or 2 of these a year, in my case my employer may want to look at something more long term.

Anyway my thoughts for February 3, 2017…

Someone is after Redington (Blacklist) and I don’t like it, I notice they don’t wrap up much about Red and his past, they give you some small clues, then move on to something else, where is Mr Kaplan?  Tom obviously has the bug to get back into action in the Criminal world, who is going to babysit Agnes?  Is Arum going to get that Student Loan paid off?  Will Red join our blog for a sit down?  So many unanswered questions, and you know Gloria .I want Answers!!

Actually this season I am enjoying a lot of new shows

About Us, of course Suits that is Toodles fav right now, I did stop watching for awhile, but back on the Suit train, I think Donna and I have a little in common, if I were not Gloria I would be Donna!  Could you see Gloria in those heels… yep I could pull that off.

Well this has been much of a nothing conversation, pretty one sided, Toodles where are you join the frenzy!!

Okay last thought of the morning, Enjoy every step you take today!

A Big Hee Haw

From Gloria (aka Donna!)

Gloria? Gloria? *squinty eyes* is that REALLY you?

What is this Gloria-Donna nonsense? Are you trying to tell me something?

Do you have *gasp!* multiple personalities???

I don’t think it would be a disorder, I think it could be an… enhancement? Yes. That sounds right.

Yes. We have both been absent from Crankyface. And in our absence, WriterLinda has been a busy busy little beaver! Look what she has done!

Look at it! She is amazing!

Well, not much has happened in the life of Toodles lately. Same old, same old. I am (as usual) plagued by various lottery winnings, the fountain of youth, unrelenting rich suitors, a myriad of job opportunities and of course, as you all know, too many maids to keep this castle clean. Always suffering from jet lag from all my trips to Paris, London, Rome etc. Oh look, my in house movie theater is about to play 16 movies at once! I must go pick one to watch. How will a girl ever choose???



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