The Daily 08/02/17;

Yes Gloria is ALIVE not DEAD!

What a week, snow, snow, snow, and cold, cold, cold, I find something wrong, what is wrong with variety, snow, warm, rain, cold, hail, hot, sleet, warm, oh I forgot, some places do have Variety, it is called a  Chinook, lucky Alberta!

I have tried something new, it is called listening, you know Gloria is a talker, the other not so much, but this week, is my listen and no comment week, it is going to be a rough one, and Toodles is going to take advantage I am sure, pray for me!!

Okay my new updated list of my top shows.

#! Spot still is Blacklist, I have a thing with James Spader, (feel bad as this is a one way love affair)

#2 This is Us – a breakout series

#3 Chicago Fire, oh  Kelly those blue eyes!
#4 Chicago PD
and finally
#5 Suits
Now I have my snack tray ready, and remote in hand
Super Bowl Commercial Day
Let me know your favorites, cause you know I will be free speaking on mine!!
Go Falcons!
I have not been watching too much TV as I have started reading again. I chose a book I have had for years but never read, but always wanted to! It is called Haunted Legends. Good so far. Today after work however I was intending to read, but somehow ended up watching the TV show Expedition Unknown. It got me feeling restless, my exploration itch twitching. I tried looking up new places to go in my own town. However I think I have explored everything there is to explore in areas where nothing will eat me or kill me. Eventually I saw a Youtube video about the abandoned town I love so much, Kitsault. Going there one day would be like winning the lottery for me. The town has virtually been uninhabited for 30 years but it has been kept up, lawns mowed, power on, you name it. My imagination goes into overdrive just thinking about going there some day.  -Toodles

3 thoughts on “TV and Abandoned Towns

      1. I was born in Michel and raised in Natal. Nice little town, still in touch with a friend I grew up with til I was almost nine (moved to the coast). Their website is shut down but I am happy to see this one for sure! Thank you!

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