The Daily 11/02/17;

Gloria, do you ever get junk emails? Sometimes I do, and they are usually pretty dumb but funny. I like the ones I get for Viagra and brides overseas. Today I took a peek at my junk folder and I have received this message:

“Hi days has passed and I have an chance to write to you. I hope it will be sort of a amazement to you or might be you anticipated my answer.Nevertheless i hope it will be great to get to know each other. My name is Anastisia. Im 29 years old and I really like outdoor activities. Its very healthy and enjoyable and I think each girl has to take care of her health and keep herself on a good shape.

It doesnt matter how old you are. I really value in men their inner world and soulfulness. Do you agree with me? I ve never been married.

I think trust and loyalty are the basis of any relationship. I think everyone wants to have a serene future being in a relationship with a person of heart capable of setting his life alight. And I will be utterly happy if you share my thoughts. Whats your most wanted thing as far as relationship goes? What are your main aims? Hopefully our feelings will encompass us. Waiting to see your photos and learn more about you!”

Weird, right? So anyways, I replied to see if I get a response. I messaged

“But I don’t have a camera to send photos to you”

I have a general idea that this email will result in “Anastisia” asking me for money. She did not get my gender right, but I figure that is of no consequence. I am planning to hit her up for a free camera. What do you think my chances are? I think pretty good! Gloria, if I get a new camera, do you want my old one?

I wonder how long I can keep this conversation going if this emailer even replies?

This last week has been a challenging one for me. I have had to tolerate some very un-tolerable people. This is not easy for anyone I suppose, but it was just a really negative environment on several fronts. Today I dealt with it by doing a yoga video off youtube. I have a theory that this will help me relax and get past this.As well I now have a set space to work on art. Mental health is important and I am usually fluttering on the edge on the best of days, Gloria is always giving me the side eye!



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