The Daily 07/02/17;

Toodles, Toodles, Toodles, you are so devious, I think that is a great idea!  I looked through my spam, oh all Hail Queen Gloria, apparently I am the last in line of royalty and they have been looking for me for a long time, now all I have to do is send money to save the country and the crown is mine!  I better open a new mail box first, isn’t it awful the ideas people come up with to scam money from unsuspecting individuals, lets see how long it is Toodles before they get to the “send money”
Keep me informed Toodles, of course when I am Queen you know you will have to go through the proper channels!!!
PS, I only need $400,000.00 to get the crown, any way you can help a Queen out?
Toodles to the Rescue…..
Devious?? Oh no no! The word is CRAFTY! Yes. That is better. How else would I know everything and strive for world dominance? Through craftiness of course! Ahhh yes!
What did everyone do for Valentines day? We did our Vday early. We watched TWO movies in theater and had dinner. First movie we saw was Rings. It was actually better than I expected. 7/10. It made me want to get a circle tattoo on my back! Then, saw Passengers. It was very good as well, another 7/10 from me. The next movies I want to watch is A Cure For Wellness and also Split. I think I am most excited for Split, I really love M. Night Shyamalan. His work is amazing.
ps I do not yet have a response from my email!

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