The Daily 26/02/17;

Hi, well Sleepy Time Gloria has been watching some amazing TV shows new this Season, of course no one will knock off my Redington, but this new Series
If you haven’t watched This is Us, you must .. the episode last night between William and his Son Randall was some of the best acting I have seen for awhile, and you know how I feel about writers, well they did this episode justice, the final scene, touching, warm, sad, and good, if there was a dry eye (or eyes) on the set while they were filming I would be surprised, so Toodles all I can say is Tune in!! (I mean to the show – nothing personal!!!)
Now, Thursday is not only Blacklist, but Tom’s new show Redemption, I have to grab me some popcorn and settle in for the night.
The Daily post has become more of the weekly post! Gloria, we should just face it. We are becoming boring old birds!
Well, I have been sick all weekend. Super!!!
My new bucket list item is to quit boring myself!!!
Speaking of bucket lists… I found THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!! I have designs to get here this spring. I have spring fever I think, I am feeling restless. I am dreaming of Paris again. Ahhhh. Lottery is the only way I will get there. Someone QUICK win me the lottery!! I will take you to Paris with me. Promise!

6 thoughts on “The Center of the Universe (and surprisingly its not Gloria!)

  1. Toodles! Did you say you guys are old? Old is a word never to use around me especially when you are younger than I because if you are old then I am — what’s that word eh? Would you like my anti ageism speech?

    What you have is cabin fever. That comes from hibernating til springtime (three weeks hence). My doctor told me we’ll work on my Christmas weight in the spring like he knew darn well I stay in the cabin. That did it. I went right back to race walking and dropped four pounds in a month. Hmph. I still hate winter though so I don’t blame you and Gloria for sitting in front of tee vee. At least you can do yoga stretches and cycling and bicycle exercise and planks while you tune in.


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  2. WHAT!!!! – we are boring!!! Toodles, I have been called a lot of things but boring is not one of them….. I think you are speaking palm bay, and believe me I can speak that language better then you!!!! HEE HAW to Toodles

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