Oh Toodles, where has your “wild side” gone?  I am now worried about you, use a little imagination, you in a Ring with the “world’s sexiest man alive” (previous) yes the Rock, playing a little game of run and catch, now that is what I call
“Wrestling!”   Give it some Thought Toodles
Gloria you are just projecting your wrestling ring fantasies now. I think maybe you should add it to your bucket list and start emailing WWE for a guest audition! Those animal print tights would fit right in!!! Ok, that is it, I have decided that this must happen. Like, 100% this must happen. Gloria, let me know if you need any assistance harassing them, oops! I mean sending promotional videos via email. I could be your agent, free of charge in this instance. So, when do we begin our campaign? Enough of this internet dating, lets get down to business, aim high. A TV spot AND a date at the same time. Coffee dates will forever be considered for the amateur from now on. When people have amazing, crazy fun dates from now on, they will say “WE DID A GLORIA!” I bet this could lead to a regular match making show for us. We need a title though, and I cannot think of everything, so I will leave that fun part of our TV show development for you.
WWE dating here we come!
p.s. WWE can you please send your email address?
p.p.s. Gloria, what good T.V. shows have you found? I am running out. (Please don’t say WWE Total Divas!)
Ta-ta for now, ~Toodles

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