Well Gloria sure has met some interesting people on Paradise Island, it is like they were waiting for me, and of course I don’t want to disappoint anyone.
I met my neighbor what an interesting fellow and he has a great sense of humor, he happens to be writing a novel, and has allowed me to read some of the chapters before it goes to publishing, how interesting it is to read one’s raw thoughts without the publisher changing things, just thoughts and ideas to paper, I must say it is very different, I think after it is published I will have to read again and see what they have changed or moved, or even edit out. All I can do is give a Shout Out to my neighbor man – who I have nicknamed “Wilson” Good On You Mate, write and write….we need to hear your story!
I want to end this blog on a positive not, but I tell you this squirrel in the park is driving me nuts, every sip of coffee, she gives me a funny pleading look, I keep pointing out others, but no she has honed in on me today, believe me when I come to this park tomorrow I am putting up a sign – I can be radical too you know!!!
Oh man I just got the shifty look from this squirrel/ chipmunk whoever, I think I better pack up my food, and lap top and head inside, I am hearing that they can be very dangerous if they make up their mind to do so?
This is Gloria on the Run…..Wilson open the door… quick!!!




Why am I NOT surprised Gloria, that you are being side-eyed by a squirrel? I guess at this point we should be lucky it is not a gang of wayward cats! One day you will open your door and find your life transformed into Cinderella! Not Tim the Tool Man Taylor show. Wilson! Ha! Love it! Tootles is gonna go jump on an airplane and leave to another top secret location Cannot let Writer Linda know, she will figure out my plans for world domination, and I cannot give her a heads up. Gloria, do not tell her where I am going! Really there is a small possibility that I already told her…. Oh dear…. my plans might be over before they have begun!! Well, either way, when I get back I will post some fun travel photos. Maybe someone will be able to guess where I went. Often I am busy just trying to keep track of where I am! Gloria, piece of advice. If that squirrel corners you, just drop some food and RUN!! You only gotta be faster than the guy next to you. Sorry Wilson.


Chow for now~ Toodles



4 thoughts on “The Daily 08/28/2017

      1. Good to hear at last from you Gloria. For goodness sake you’ve been so busy on the paradiso (so we speak Italian a lot) we haven’t heard from you for a hundred years.

        Did I hear about a friend of yours writing a book? Are you doing that as well?

        Ciao for now. Have to go see what Polty did with my coffee this time. Somehow the cup is empty and the pot too. Ehhhh?

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