Well I had to run into the first internet shop I could, this story could not wait, – it is that good, Gloria went out to do her laundry in the building she lives in, hmmm (that is Gloria entering the laundry room singing) and around the corner looking her right in the, well Gloria looking at it for sure, was a fellow in boxer shorts only doing his wash, no alarm no care just sorting colors from whites, he says good morning mam (Mam I have never been a Mam – I am always Gloria!) he smiled that nice smile that showed he forgot both uppers and lowers, somehow doing my laundry today does not seem as important as I thought it was!!
So new signs on laundry doors should not read
Clothes optional – but Clothes Necessary!!
Gloria’s laugh of the day, I want to age like that, just beat to your own Drummer!!
Welcome back to us Gloria! Did you run into the laundry fellow again since that happened? I would be interested to hear more! It is always fun to meet new friends! And I am so glad to hear he was sorting laundry properly. That is a rare quality this day and age! Maybe send him my way. I never sort my laundry. Ask my husband who was stuck going to work with a pink shirt one time! All the more reason to wear black 24-7. The color hides a multitude of sins. That is my motto anyways, and if you ask me, white just begs to be messed with. And sometimes even when you wash the stains out you are never able to get them completely out. And what do you have then? A closet full of stained clothes and a sad face. That is what. How do you explain that one to your mother? Plus if you can never wear white after labour day what do you do? It is always after labour day! Except labour day. But by then all your clothing is ruined and you have to run about naked. That will teach you Gloria. Really hun, you should have just listened to my advice the first time. Really. Will you ever learn????
Ok. Hope you find some clothing soon. Maybe laundry guy can lend you some. Ta-ta for now! ~Toodles

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