I started to write Good Morning, then realize it is way past that, almost into Happy Hour but Gloria has some great news!!
For years my friends have worn leggings and heels, I refused, the big reason is I have a great pair of legs, and I thought I could create some chaos or riots and maybe a severe case of whiplash, and I certainly want to keep everyone safe, but what the HEE HAW I thought it might be to show these gams off, so here I am in all my Glory slithering into these leggings and look out Paradise here I come!!!
Now Toodles you can get all of the tats you want, but I tell you, you want to turn heads, the legs will do it every time!!



Just think Gloria, you sure are showing half-naked laundry guy a thing or two. You may inspire him to wear some see-through fashions! Oh I bet you will be happy then! Yessindeedy-do! You know Gloria, Toodles has more tattoos on one leg than you even have appendages. Literally, on one leg (because the other one is tattoo-free!!) I just volunteered to help out one of my favorite fiction writers by answering some questions about my own ink. It is very exciting. Maybe once the book is published I will post about it here. I cannot wait to read the book. I don’t know about you but I am wayyyy behind in my reading. This thing called work sure gets in the way of my hobbies. I am pretty happy that my hours have changed to suit my night-owl tenancies. Boy, sure can get into trouble now! And Gloria, since you live out in nowhere land, there is nobody to stop me now! Because I know WriterLinda will join in. Maybe one day the two of us will find a way to come visit you. By then you better have two more pairs of leggings for us to wear. That will be 6 matching legs all in leggings! Our mantra will have to be one two three kick! as we link arms and march our way to the next whiskey bar! Oh, don’t ask why! Oh! don’t ask why!



Also, I took some photos the other day and I wanted to show you Gloria! Now it will be you’re turn to photograph something awesome. The challenge has been called out!




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