Good Day Mate … that is Island Lingo for HELLO – HA!
I am a little serious today, you know Gloria is all about keeping this light and fluffy, but today I wanted to address “Take Responsibility for your Life”  why because it is YOURS,  you are the Captain of your life ship, you can sail it anywhere, into a marriage, into a career, into a far off Island, travel to the far shores, you can sail it to help others, heck, you can do anything you want. It is your boat, you may even sail it on rocks and come away with some battle scars. What I am saying is, this life is yours to decide, you may sail your boat the wrong direction, but you CAN turn it around, stop blaming the world, and others in your life for bad decisions, and perhaps your wreck on the rocks!!!  Remember this life is Yours, our parents raised us the best they knew how, but get over the fact that you may have been sent to bed early, grounded, or even worse, made to go to school. None of these issues cause your boat to crash on the rocks, only My Dear, can you do that. Steer the other way, 2 words can so affect the out come of our lives, I am SORRY, and I FORGIVE.  I have had it up to here with hearing people say their lives are a mess because of their parents, or their boss, or a friend in their life, Now I am not saying that something tragic in the past may be holding you back, what I am saying LET IT GO!  it keeps your boat in the harbor.
Go right now to the front of the boat, grab the wheel, and chart a new course, the adventure awaits, life is precious it is a gift, and it is ours.
Listen to Dr Laura about taking Responsibility if I did not get through.
This is my Rant of the Day, and in closing I say Don’t Miss anything life has for you because of the Past, it is Past, Look AHEAD, there will be rocks, but avoiding them will make you a better Captain.
Always remember   Take Responsibility!!!
Good points made there Gloria!
In fact, I steered my own boat to bed early tonight. I am hiding from the husbands wrestling shows. And, yes I steered my ship away right quick! He said excitedly “THIS IS SUCH A GOOD MATCH!!!” so I looked at the tv. In the ring were 4 men each pinning down another 4 men. I said GOODNIGHT! No thanks! And grabbed the wheel! Now me and my ship are in bed with 3 dogs and 2 cats and The Simpsons. Life is good!
Christmas is coming! I wrapped up my first 5 presents tonight and bought my Christmas cards already. Gloria, I have you’re presents locked and loaded. My new favorite part of Christmas this year is all the stickers I will be putting on everyone’s cards and gifts this year! I do not know what has gotten into me but I am putting stickers on EVERYTHING. I am compelled and there is no rational reason for this, yet I am just going to go with it 😀
Goodnight New York! or Canada. Or where ever you all are tonight.

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