Howdy from Gloria, I just finished watching the Voice, I tell you this Year’s Sexiest Man Alive did not disappoint, what a fun song he did with his Team, my Blake a Fun, Caring, and Just down home Good Looking Guy!
So Blake I dedicate this Blog post to you
 If it will it will, and if it won’t it won’t
If it does it does, yeah if it don’t it don’t
I think we need to be reminded, sometimes we need to just SING!  Sing loud, Sing long, Sing Strong, just SING!!
And Toodles this means you!!!  
A very Big HEE HAW and Hat’s off to you Blake Shelton!  (I am sure you still have my number?  … yep # 1!!
So Toodles who will you dedicate the Blog to tomorrow?  Surprise me
A very big HEE HAWWW
Well Gloria, you may have a good singing voice but I assure you nobody wants to hear me sing. And, you are all welcome from being spared that atrocity.
But I am certainly happy to dedicate this post to Vladimir Kosma and Philo Taylor Farnsworth who, according to google, invented the TV.
My heros!
TV has been my teacher, my entertainer, my comedian, my companion. TV helps me sleep, and escape reality at other times. It alleviates boredom and tells me fairy tales. TV and I have known each other longer than I have known most people in my life. TV has introduced me to some great people, and allowed me to travel the world from my own living room. With the TV and I, there is never any question who is in control. Heh. Control. Remote. Heh. Heh heh. Control. Heheheheh. Snicker snort.

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