Gloria reporting in from Paradise Island, and Paradise got a little happier today, I have a BIG Shout Out for the Paradise Island Transit system, not only do they allow me to travel, and get some of my best Blog humour on the transit, but today was very special, the Driver was Retiring, and she and co-horts decorated the bus with streamers, balloons, and served cake to all the passengers, now this driver will certainly be missed to care enough to say..
Thanks for Riding My Bus!!!
People like that are what makes Paradise, …Paradise, so Thank You for making another great day for me, oh and if the camera was on and someone took 2 pieces or cake instead of one …on the down low,.. it was Toodles!!!
A big HEE HAW from Gloria and all the passengers you will be missed
Oh Gloria, if only I had some cake! I’ll have you know cake is my favorite breakfast food. Still waiting on some of you’re TV show recommendations. In the meantime, I am watching “The 100”. Quit enjoying it, I must say. Gloria you should give it a try. While it may take a few episodes to hook you in, I think you might like it. Generally I enjoy all apocalypse/end of the world-y type shows, but I think the extremely good story line of this one will suck you in too. I know sometimes you doubt me so just do yourself a favor and give it a try. All the seasons are on Netflix. In other news, I had a funny thought today. On my way to my swimming session at the pool I grabbed the wrong bag and had to run home to rectify the situation (I almost took my book bag instead of my towel!!!! >.<). As I ran around my house like a chicken with its head cut off, my cat was sniffing at the door. I thought awe they should have a “bring your cat to swim day”! What do you think Gloria? Good promotion for them, yes? Some days I am just delighted by my own cleverness! It is a no-fail plan. People like cats, and cats like to swim! Yes? Yes! Oh yes!
I think I will go call the pool people and pitch this idea right now 😀 (After I finish my second piece of cake, shhhhh…..)

3 thoughts on “The Daily Nov 24, 2017

  1. Hey Toodles cats for breakfast? Swimming cake? What were you reading in that book bag? Quick, back to the pool before your spot is gone. Gloria maybe the bus company will give you the driver job? You would have to learn to eat cake with no hands while you drive though.

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      1. No no no Toodles. Nobody eats cake one handed. No hands. I eat cake WITH MY MOUTH! When it isn’t filled with chocolate that is.


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