Spent the day yesterday in the ceramics studio. 4.5 hours glazing. Glazing! I hate glazing! I am always happy with my clay pieces, or greenware, but one its fired, I seem to like them a little less. Once they are glazed, I usually HATE them. What other ceramicist feels this way? I have never heard anyone say this, or agree. I do not know what the problem is. I just do not like the glaze appearance. And since I come from a painting background, maybe this is the problem. My mind anticipates something very different than what actually comes out. I enjoy depth, and many of the glazes I have tried thus far do not have a lot of depth. The two tone glazes are acceptable to me but unfortunately I do not yet have many options. I took a class in glazing and I have learned what I do not like.  But that of course does not help finding what I DO like. So what exactly did I do yesterday? I tried the two tone glazes, as well as black. Mwahahahaha! I found the blacks! I was fortunate enough to have two options to work with! Ahhh joy! And a few weeks ago I ordered online 5 different glazes. They seem to be taking an eternity to arrive but, when they do, it will be good and goodness! On a more positive note about the actual glazing process, time flies by. The 4.5 hours I spent doing it, I did not take any breaks and just worked and worked and worked. For some reason I did not feel the need to take a break. So strange. Those of you who know me know that I have frequent coffee and bathroon breaks (mayhaps one is the cause of the other????). As soon as I was finished my work, and locked up and turned out the lights, I sat in my vehicle and was instantly half asleep. My energy was *poof!* gone! Now the agenda today is to get to work on some good and dirty, back to the basics-but not really-clay 😀 Hope you all have as good of a day today as I will.


Enjoy some quotes I found on google!


3 thoughts on “The Daily Nov 21, 2017

  1. The reason you never heard anyone say they don’t like glaze is because you didn’t hear me telling myself that last night. I have the glazed green urn and the unglazed one with the ropes and round knocker things. As far as this writer is concerned the glazed is not something I would write home about. It looks like giant porcelain. You know, your Nana likely has a set in her China cabinet. Teacups (how the blazes did they use those without the entire cup breaking off its nose or ear or whatever that thing is you hold the cup with), saucers, plates, etc.

    The unglazed one, now that is an urn. It grabs my rustic sensitivities. The glazed one makes me want to give it to my mother only she is busy on her cloud and telling me I don’t appreciate things.

    Glaze is for pretty pretty. Unglazed is for when you mean Business.

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