Spent the day yesterday crafting ceramic vessels! So pleased! Wished all my days could be spent playing with clay. Maybe some day it could be a reality. Magic Godmother? Did you hear me????

Still watching The 100, season 4 now. This is a seriously good show. I had my doubts when it first came out years ago, and while I did watch half the first season, I forgot about it until a co-worker mentioned it, and I picked it up again. Surprised to find 4 seasons, but also very grateful. And the more I watched the show the more involved I became. Love it!

Not hide nor hair has this blog heard from Gloria. Oh she is fine, likely just enjoying a couple Palm Bays on Paradise Island. Don’t worry, I will tell her you all say hello! In the mean time, we have a lovely guest spot open and luckily for us, WriterLeenda was happy to join in our musings and ramblings 😀 Without further ado I present the next post 🙂 Thanks WriterLeenda!




My friends hate to shop with me. They don’t understand my need to find the appointed store’s slowest day and time and go directly there, grab a clerk who in turn grabs my item, pay, and leave. No. They have to just go to the mall where they wander around and touch everything along the way. Then they go back and forth a couple of times. Then it’s time for coffee and maybe even lunch while I whine that I have food and drink at home. So sure of my system I was unprepared for Sunday morning with Toodles.


We arrived at my chosen store, new to me but my progeny gave me a gift card. So far so good and even the traffic was good which I assumed was because I told it to. And besides I wasn’t driving. We walked into my store where first sight revealed 4000 people all of whom were dangerously close to my jeans aisle. Had Toodles not been watching closely for signs and symptoms I would have left. Screaming.


She led me to my coveted jeans and – look! I may or not have screeched as I grabbed a most beautiful pair. And look again! They not only have a dressing room, it’s so big I can see more than just my nose in the mirror. Toodles knew how to keep me quiet and entertained as she provided help and instructions on how to sit so I can see how the garment feels. Then she walked me to the till and out of the store before I could implode.


Having mastered the big time and found my new favorite jeans store, the next couple of stores were no problem. I’m a pro now and Toodles isn’t fed up with me. Yet.


What? What was that sound from Toodles? Almost like a sigh….




Linda M. Gigliotti aka writerleenda is the author of HowMaster: The Writer’s Guide to Beautiful Word Crafting (BookLocker 2016).




2 thoughts on “The Daily Nov 28, 2017

  1. Thank you Toodles and those jeans are absolutem. We will have to go there again in the new year after you recover from this installment.

    This morning was spent telling a picture frame what it can do with itself since the painting keeps wanting to fall out. I fixed it. I taped the stupid back on.

    Hope our Gloria is having a great time over there. Wonder what she is up to — is there a camera we could hook her up to? I know. In the laundry room with Mr. Shorts.

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