Does it ever feel like you are just unprepared for life? Some days does it ever feel like someone sat you down for a 4 course meal with a spool of dental floss and a house plant and said EAT! You look around and there is no cutlery, table or chair. And it is a messy meal so you flounder and flail and get it all over yourself. Everyone else somehow pulls it off and they make it look easy while you sit there half drowned in your soup? When I am faced with a major change I always feel this way. Especially if it is work related. As I write this I realize maybe I just need to remember that if I give it my best, and try my hardest, there is not much more I can do. An honest effort given to the best of ones abilities, is actually acceptable. We are not perfect, we are human. Have you ever met a perfect human? I haven’t. If there is one thing I excel at effortlessly, it is finding faults in others! Is there a job like that somewhere? If you can think of one, I have a resume for you.





3 thoughts on “The Daily Nov 29, 2017

  1. Toodles Toodles. I already have that job. It is mine. Stay outta my boss chair, woman. Flaws? Look at history then look at the world today. Same snuff, different DNA.

    Anyway now to important stuff when I separated the glazed clay from the unglazed I found they are equally beautiful and I love them equally. They just couldn’t be in the same space together. Sort of like me and myself sometimes.

    By the way I haven’t tripped — oh yes I did, over the coffee table leg. Oh well there is always tomorrow and some more of that snuff I talked about.

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  2. We will try this new system. This morning I went to my favourite writing restaurant with NoteBook. Our only restaurant actually but anyway we got inside and that dry air tickled my throat so well I just sang and sang for half an hour and the guy beside me at the other table was so happy to hear all that. When he got up to leave I saw from the side of my face that he turned to look at me. It was so nice of him to do that again since he already did that when I came in singing. I left three quarters of an hour later and walked home after a trip (I did not trip) to the secondhand store where I actually found a black sweater for a change. It was so nice to walk home afterwards in that lovely “feels like minus three Celsius” weather. It felt so good I flew home in delight smiling all the way.

    How is that, Toodles?


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