Oh my goodness!!! I just wanted to announce that I have found the best show! It is so funny, and I have not been so entertained by a funny show since “Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23”. I loved that show. I wish there were 100 more episodes. So, this new to me show I found is called “The Good Place”.


The premise of the show is that there is heaven and a hell, but they are just called the good place and the bad place. And through a mix up blondie in the photo turned out to be in the wrong place, and the show goes from there.


Turns out as well that swearing is not allowed, it is automatically censored, so instead of the f-word, they just say forkers or fork etc.


I am endlessly entertained by this show. I am literally happy each time I put on an episode. As sad as I am about finishing the last episode of The 100 on Netflix, this has almost made up for the loss. Does anyone know when the next season of The 100 will be added? Anyone? I could google it but if you could do it for me then that would be great! Thanks!



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