So I guess it is pretty evident that these “daily posts” are not so daily. It has been that way for some time so I just wanted to thank the readers that stick around 🙂 I considered changing the title, but we all live day to day, and sometimes there are things to write about and sometimes not so much. So thanks for hanging in there!




On a different note, I have found myself these last few months easily brought down and glum. I had to recognize that these times happen, and when they do it is important to focus on being grateful. As humans, we get distracted by all the things going on around us that we forget to see the good or positive in situations. Even reminding myself the mantra to “just be positive” does not always work, and can often sound hollow and insincere after a while. Over the years I have pondered how that once meaningful statement now just echos without any impact now. For myself, it boiled down to gratefulness. I realized I was not being grateful for all the wonderful things around me. So I became more analytical in my viewpoint and looked at the people, and things in my life that really do have an impact. That lead me to appreciate people in my life who have taught me life lessons.

For example, I have really appreciated all the things I learned from my daughter. As a Scorpio, if you subscribe to that sort of thing, I am a natural grudge holder. Getting up there in years, I have seen the destruction that can wreck on friendships and even oneself. My daughter has never been a grudge holder. For a while I thought that was not very intelligent and thought she was just opening herself up to be hurt by these people again. I could not understand it. But then I realized that by being open with people, and FORGIVING, that she was really being open to herself opportunity and happiness. When I allowed myself to discover this, to actually SEE it, it made a world of difference for me. And in the last few months I have also passed on this wisdom to my son, as well as the source of where I learned it from. I only hope he can learn from her as I did.




As easy as it is to look around and find faults in others and situations, it has been literally life changing to alter my outlook and approach to things, and to open myself up to opportunities to be happy. When you set up roadblocks in life, like grudges, or negative thought patterns, the only person who truly suffers is yourself. Roadblocks, if you will, walls preventing all the goodness from coming in.


I once read a quote that when you worry, it is just paying interest on things that may not even come to be. I wish I knew who said this, as I am sure they have many more pearls of wisdom too. But I allowed that to sink in and realized how very true a statement that is. I reflected on all the things I have agonized over, some of them obsessively, and how lots of those things did not even ever happen. All the sleep I have lost over the years $#Q%$@#^%)*&^_ Live and learn I guess!


Nobody is perfect, we all have weaknesses, but the great thing is that presents opportunities to learn. All the bad stuff just gives us balance, and without it, perhaps we would not be able to appreciate the good things as much. Think about if everything was good or perfect all the time. We wouldn’t appreciate it anything. So in appreciating even the negative things, we can find the silver lining. And life does become so much more enjoyable if we just look at the bigger picture and see the value in life and circumstance.


Well that is it for now, hopefully that wasn’t to heavy dear readers 😀




(images from google search on gratitude. thank you google! thank you authors and artists!)


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