Ode to the jogging pants. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!


I wish, I wish, I wish it were socially acceptable to wear jogging pants in all situations in life. They are oh so comfy! Why does western society place so much value on wearing certain types of clothing in certain scenarios? What does it matter, big picture? I am an individual that values comfort. Why spend life wearing tight or itchy clothing when causal am comfy are what we actually care about. Don’t we? I do!


Obviously other societies do funny things to conform to norms and expectations too. One only has to look at the historical practice of foot binding to recognize the pressures of society. But ask yourself what is wrong with a nice well kept pair of black jogging pants? If they fit well, are not stained or ripped, who cares? You can even get them without the elastic bottoms. So essentially they look just like other cotton pants. You can dress them up with a nice shirt or scarf.


Maybe I should start a trend. Start wearing jogging pants everywhere. I bet most people would not even notice!


@!&$#!&%! you, society!




One thought on “The Daily, Dec 07 2017

  1. Hey Toodles are you worried what people think? A lot of those don’t know how to so do not fret. As for me if I can’t wear jeans I don’t go. Simple. Amen.


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