2017 is already a big flop!

The Daily 02/01/17; Oh no! oh no! Oh no! I have spent literally HOURS shopping today! How could I break my budget resolutions so easily!! Oh my goodness! It is no use! You cannot teach an old dog new tricks!!! *pheww pheww pheww* ok I am much calmer now. Ahh. Well tomorrow I am starting…


Bonus post of the day

Gloria, you asked about my resolutions for the year. Number one I need to control my budget and number to I need to top my frivolous spending. This spending is almost always on credit cards and you know what? Those have limits. I have reached mine. A fool and their money are soon parted.My apparent…


After some contemplation, I have realized, why buy when I can make? How much closer to WORLD DOMINATION can you get than re-creating the universe around you??? If I am looking for unique boots, and looking to upgrade/fix things that I already have, then why not? Look what I found during my 3am internet travels: