Here is an interesting internet page I just found out existed linky-link

From this site I am going to craft my own actual bucket list:


-go on a cruise

-visit Niagara Falls

-go to New Orleans

-go to New York

-get a tattoo apprenticeship (thus dreaming to become a tattoo artist)

-drive down the Oregon Coast again

-walk on the Great Wall of China

-go to Paris (climb the Eiffel Tower)

There is more of course. I am adding it to my account on Bucket list. But this all makes me realize many things on my list are ambitious and I just do not have the funds to travel so much. So I am checking out things to list that are more achievable in the mean time.

-send 20 postcards all over the world

-visit Paris, France by October 31 2017

-write a list of 101 things that make me happy and take a picture of them

-make a zombie survival plan

-30 days no shopping

And here are some suggestions from that website of things that will never appear on my bucket list:

-go to Canada (that’s silly, I live here!)

-base jump (are you $#@%$@&%$# nuts??)

-cliff diving (I have actually already done this, and it was terrifying!)

-ride a zipline (nooooo)

-hide money to find once you forgot about it (what! why??)

-give fruits to the homeless in the mornings (I did this once and the guy called me names)

-have pantone anything (no. thanks.)

-try a Doritos burger (barf)

-try 50 different salads (in the words of my mother-in-law, salad is pig food)

Do you have a bucket list? What would you refuse to put on it? Comment below and I will mail you a postcard! -Toodles



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