The Daily 12/01/17;

I am not sure if all are aware that Gloria lives to give advice, some great, some good, and some that will never see the light of day.  But to be honest giving advice is my gift so to speak – and I will tell you to give advice easier then taking it.

I had an experience this week to witness 2 people in a small discussion, one was giving the other a gift, and the “other” was refusing, for heaven’s sake everyone, we need to be humble enough to accept when someone so graciously gives us a gift, how hard is it to just say Thank You!   We give and give but when it comes time to receive for some reason we don’t feel that we are good enough for a gift, well not this Gloria, I am mature enough to say Thanks to anything that comes my way.  And I am always genuinely appreciative, why would I hurt my friend, or other by saying no Thanks?  Do YOU not realize how hurtful it is to give someone a gift and that say oh no you shouldn’t have I already have one, but Thanks anyway, for %$^^& sake take the ^%& gift smile, say Thanks, and re-gift it sometime in the future. I am saying right now and strongly we need to Give and we need to RECEIVE.

So my advice of the day, just learn how to say Thanks, (oh and PS this does not cover gifts that come with strings attached – then those aren’t gifts – they are bribes), and NO do not accept a Bribe that is a NO NO!!

See Gloria is very wise, she Gives, and expects YOU to Receive, this is all working out already.

A Big You Are Welcome from.



That is some good advice Gloria. Food for thought. Speaking of food, did I just hear a chip bag from your direction? Do you have any… snacks?

I have a new obsession. I love The Office. Someone recommended this show and I have watched it in the past. My favorite scene is when Jim sends Dwight faxes. This is my favorite out of all my favorites. Here it is if you want to see a quick clip





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