The Daily 08/01/17;

I was just reading an article on Customer Service, and how Companies do want feedback from their Customers to improve, and yet somehow do they really?
I personally sent an email to a very large Franchise Company in October, on the state of their interior, I did get an email back very quickly that they would check into the matter, to this date nothing has been done or changed, or fixed. I am a little disappointed, I liken it to when you go to dinner with a friend and they have Spinach in their teeth…do we not let our friend know, or do we sit their and just internally laugh?  That is why I think we need to let Business, and Corporation know if they are not keeping their Standards high, it is not to nag and complain and expect free things (although if they do send something great!!) it is to say Hey, you have Spinach in your Teeth!  We like your Store, we like to Shop there, but please just remove the Spinach!!
Enough Said, for today anyway.  Oh yes and I like Spinach but on my plate!!
Popeye Gloria

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